Best Wood Judge Firewood Delivery Prices

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(We can deliver up to 4 cords in one load)


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There is no tax on our firewood.
Your price calculated above includes loading, delivery and dumping the wood.

We can usually deliver within 1-2 days of your order.

Please call Best Wood Judge to place an order today or click the link below for our online order form!

We offer stacking at an additional charge. Please email or call with stacking location for a price quote.

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If you would prefer to pick up your firewood, check out our self-serve pick-up prices HERE

Firewood pickup is self serve and available during office hours.
We have racks available for you to stack to measure your desired amount, and then load into your vehicle.
Checks, cash and credit cards accepted for firewood purchases.


Special Orders are accepted due to length and diameter restrictions. Call for pricing. Minimum 1 cord order.


Rough Split Unseasoned Wood:

We have rough split green (unseasoned) wood straight off of our firewood processor. This may include some wood that you may choose to resplit. Our processor will spilt a piece of wood into 8 pieces at one time, but some pieces may still be large (approximately 30% will need resplitting). This type of load will also include bark and debris since it is loaded straight from the processor. Our rough split is available for 15% OFF regular split wood prices with a 2 cord minimum order.

Stove Wood Chunks:

We offer wood for wood stoves as well. These are chunks, less than 15" long, crotches, and miscellaneous cutoffsfor $190.00 per cord with a 2 cord minimum order.

We do offer senior citizen and Veteran Discounts!!