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    We will contact you to confirm delivery and price via your preferred contact method.
  • Select a quantity above. If you like, you can use the price calculator on the firewood page of the website to calculate your price with delivery.
  • Bundles are $10.00 and are approximately 100 pieces
  • We deliver in a 2 day span. Unless we are stacking your wood, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE HOME FOR DELIVERY. You can leave a check in the front door for payment, or we will leave an invoice for you to mail in. At this time we do not accept credit cards.
  • Prices for stacking vary based on quantity of wood and stacking location. We will contact you for price verification.
  • Be sure to include which side of the road your house is on, corner, mid block, etc and house color and any distinguishing features (ie.flag pole and white picket fence)
  • House color and trim color
  • Anything else you need to tell us about your order?